A Record-Setting Night at the Back to School Party! 

August 24th, 2015

by 15th Ave. Digital Marketing

We want to thank all of our Back to School Party guests for helping us set a brand new record for couples attending one of our monthly theme parties! If you were lucky enough to have attended, you now what I am talking about... Wall-to-Wall naughty schoolgirls, hot teachers, and very naughty librarians! Girls...You really outdid yourselves with this party's outfits!  Bravo!

Speaking of outfits, starting at our next event, the Little Black Dress Party on Saturday September 26th, 2015, we will have a sexy outfit contest with prizes, and MC'd by Doc!  It's time to step up your outfit game and potentially reap the rewards of your efforts.  

We look forward to seeing you Saturday, September 26th for our Little Black Dress Party, starting at 8pm! The party runs from 8pm to 1am in our gorgeous Party Room, and the rest of the facility is open until 2am. Special 15th Ave. Swag Bags go to the first 50 M/F couples (with a $50 retail value) with your paid admission.

See you then!

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Secret Room 2125: CEOs & Office H*es Party on Saturday June 12th, 2021! Parking Update!

June 11, 2021

by 15th Ave. Digital Marketing

We are super excited to welcome everyone to The Secret Room 2125 and the Saturday June 12th CEOs & Office H*es Party at the 15th Ave. Adult Emporium Party Room!

We now have UNLIMITED SEATING!  Masks are not required if you are 100% vaccinated. 

When you arrive at the party, PLEASE CHECK IN WITH THE PARKING ATTENDANT BEFORE PARKING! We will direct you on where to park!  Sections of 15th Ave are posted No Parking Zones, so do not take the chance of getting ticketed. 

The first 20 M/F Couples get a very cool swag bag with your admission!  Don't be late!

Thank you!

Please Read! Revised Zero Tolerance Cell Phone Policy

May 28th, 2019

by 15th Ave. Digital Marketing

​Cell Phones Are No Longer Allowed On The Premises Of The 15th Ave Bookstore.  Anyone Seen With A Cell Phone For ANY REASON Will Be Asked To Leave For The Day. THERE ARE NO MORE SECOND CHANCES, NO REFUNDS AND NO EXCEPTIONS.

This Rule Is For The Privacy And Protection Of All Our Patrons. Thank You For Your Understanding And Cooperation.


A Warning for Single Males - Act Like Gentlemen (or find yourself excluded from our HUGE monthly parties & Secret Room Parties)

September 6th, 2017

by 15th Ave. Digital Marketing

Once again, we need to also reiterate that aggressive behavior by single males at our large monthly and Secret Room 2125 parties will not be tolerated, both inside the Party Room and throughout the facility.

We will now have extra security at these events, starting with the The Secret Room 2125: Boogie Nights Party to make sure this happens. 

Gentlemen, keep up the unacceptable behavior, and this is what you will find:

  1. If you act aggressively towards couples, you will be tossed from the event by security and no refunds will be given.
  2. Future parties will end up being COUPLES ONLY. 

Thank you from 15th Ave., as we strive to provide the premier lifestyle experience for everyone.

Expanded Couple's Only Section for Parties and Events

New Enhancement for Couples to Include Entire Left Side of the Theater

August 17, 2014

by 15th Ave. Digital Marketing

Doc here on behalf of Bob and the 15th Ave. Theater Team. Thank you for making our monthly theme parties a huge success! Our parities are becoming so popular with couples across Chicagoland, as well as reaching to Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, that the 15th Ave Team has come up with a new enhancement for our events.  

Beginning with the Back to School Party on 8/23/14, we will expand the Couple's Only Seating Area to include the entire left of the auditorium.  This new enhancement will more than double the size of the Couple's Only Section, providing a fun and secure environment to enjoy our adult features in the theater.  The rules that apply to the Couple's Only Section will apply to the newly expanded area, and will be enforced by store security (no single males allowed inside the Couple's Only Seating Area.

​Thank you!

Another Record-Setting Night at the Little Black Dress Party! 

September 29th, 2015

by 15th Ave. Digital Marketing

We want to thank all of our Little Black Dress Party guests for helping us (once again!) set a brand new record for couples attending one of our monthly theme parties this past Saturday night! Thank you!

Our first Sexiest Outfit Contest at this event was a home run!  We had 8 smoking hot ladies competing, including a special attendee from Portland, Oregon, as well as a lifestyle first-timer!  Our top three ladies took home some very nice items courtesy of 15th Ave., and something tell me that they will like their new homes!

We look forward to seeing you Saturday, October 24th for Nightmare on 15th Avenue, our HUGE Halloween Party starting at 8pm! I (Doc) will also be your MC & host for the evening. This party will also feature our first Halloween Costume Contest, with great prizes in 3 categories: Sexiest, Funniest, and Best Couples Costume

The party runs from 8pm to 1am in our gorgeous Party Room, and the rest of the facility is open until 2am. Special 15th Ave. Swag Bags go to the first 50 M/F couples (with a $50 retail value) with your paid admission (sorry, no passes accepted).

See you on October 24th for the premier lifestyle Halloween Party in Chicagoland!

What's the difference between All-Facility Parties and Secret Room 2125 Parties? An Explanation...

November 1, 2021

by 15th Ave. Digital Marketing

The answer that age-old question that we hear repeatedly at 15th Ave: What's the difference between All-Facility parties and Secret Room 2125 parties?

All Facility parties include all areas of 15th Ave with your party admission: theater, spa, arcade, and the party room itself. These parties are more expensive that Secret Room 2125 events.  These parties occur 1 time a month on a Saturday night

Q: How Can You Tell from the Party Poster?

A: Look for the 15th Ave. logo on the poster.

Secret Room 2125 parties are Party Room exclusive events. Your admission gets you access to the Secret Room party itself, and is less expensive than all-facility parties.  Admission to the store itself is a separate admission on Secret Room 2125 party nights. The Party Room is configured and decorated differently for Secret Room events as well.  These parties normally occur 2-3 times a month, always on Saturday nights starting at 8pm.

Q: How Can You Tell from the Party Poster?
A: Look for "Secret Room 2125" on the poster. 

We hope this answers your questions as to the differences in our super popular events!

Thank you for all your support!

Important Information on our New Rules as we Reopen Friday June 26th at 10am

June 24th, 2020

REVISED June 3rd, 2021

by 15th Ave. Digital Marketing

15th Ave. is excited to welcome everyone back to the Midwest's premier adult emporium! 15th Ave. will resume normal business hours and admission charges starting Friday 6/26/20 at 10am. 

As mentioned in our initial re-opening announcement, there are additional details and policies which will need to be followed to ensure we follow CDC guidelines.  They are:

1) Masks are no longer required if you are FULLY VACCINATED. If you are not full vaccinated, you must wear a mask. 

2) Your temperature will be taken at the front desk.

3) There will be a maximum capacity of 100 customers at any one time

4) Social Distancing will be in effect.

5) In the theater, every other seat in the general seating area will be covered and not availableThere will be no seat restrictions in the couples seating area. Singles will not be permitted in the couples seating area.  This rule will be closely monitored. 

6) There will be a customer guidelines sheet at the front desk which you'll be required to read prior to entry (this document is in English and Spanish). This sheet details CDC guidelines and general store rules, so that there is no miscommunication of the stated rules. Your paid admission acknowledges you've read the customer guidelines sheet and agree to adhere to the rules

Store hours ,admission rates, and emporium information can be found on 15th Ave. official website, www.15thavetheater.com .   

Bob and the entire 15th Ave. staff looks forward to safely welcoming you back!